Material Selection

Things to Consider

*Personal Preference- Stone selection is up to you. We specialize in custom fabrication of your stone selection.
*Color- There are over 500 different colors of natural stone and engineered stone to choose from.
*Movement- Within certain stones there are veins that flow horizontally, vertically, and sometimes both and some that create swirl patterns. This is known as movement.
*Consistency- Within many natural stones you will see the same pattern throughout the material.
*Lighting- In some natural stones there are quartz crystals that illuminate/reflect beautiful colors when the right lighting is used.
*Availability- Do we have your stone selection? If not, does one of our supply warehouses have it?
*Size- How much material will you need is based on total square footage?



- Granite

- Marble

- Limestone

- Soapstone

- Travertine


- Caesarstone
– Silestone
– Eurostone
– Technistone
– Zodiaq
– Hanstone
– Ice Stone
– Vetrazzo
– Cambria
– Chroma

Engineered stone
* Made of 93% natural quartz
* Resistant to chipping, cracking and discoloration
* Non-porous – never needs sealing. Does not retain food residue or bacteria and cleans with just a moist soapy cloth
* Several colors are available both in honed and polished finish
* Has warranty on material


                                                           Engineered Stone               Natural Stone
Scratch Resistant                                          y                                          y
Stain resistant                                               y
Heat resistant                                                y                                          y
Low maintenance                                          y
Nonabsorbent / nonporous                            y
Mold / Mildew Resistant                                y
Color Consistenc                                           y
With Warranty                                               y
Veining                                                                                                       y