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Founded in 1989, by Yair Sisso, Sistone Inc. has evolved into a full service Fabrication and Installation Company,specializing in natural stone and tile.

Sistone’s clients consist of both Commercial and Residential Customers in need of custom made stone productsincluding but not limited to, counter tops, floors, vanities, tub and shower surrounds, exterior cladding andeven stone pieces for fine furniture.

Working with many different Natural Stone importers, Sistone supplies a vast range of stone types, colors andtextures, including Granite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone and synthetically Engineered Stone.

The Sistone Fabrication Facility is state-of-the-art using unique equipment, specially designed and produced forSistone Inc. A computerized Bridge Saw, with laser guided diamond cutting blades makes the first incision,then the Profile Cutter or a skilled hand craftsman creates the clients chosen edge style.

To be one of the leaders in stone cutting is to have the most sophisticated stone-cutting machines such as the waterjet, which we use to cut any kind of shapes & curves, to cut precisely undermount sink cutouts. We also have a digitizer to transform templates to computer readable file such as dwg & dxf for more accurate dimensions and measurements. Our experienced drafters offer shop drawings to help customers understand the layout prior to fabrication, thus minimizing mistakes and material waste.

In most factories the water and slurry created is wasted, but Sistone utilizes a revolutionary Water Reclamationsystem, which not only recycles water, but creates a usable product from the slurry.

Currently located in Van Nuys, California, Sistone has approximately 60 employees, including 25 skilled installationspecialists, who are at work installing stone sinks, kitchens and bathrooms, at an average of 5 locations a day.Also Sistone installers can provide demolition services and removal of existing surfaces.

Our Installers work in a Crew with a Lead whose job it is to see the job through from drawing board all the waythrough to the end. Each Crewmember is a life long technician specializing in their own field, and their levelof skill is a notch above industry standards.

We will assist the client with design and stone selection. We will then make templates, which are used to determine theexact cuts to prepare the stone for fabrication. The chosen stone is then fabricated according to the dimensions ofthe template. From template to installation takes about 10 working days. A normal installation is usually completedon site in one day.

Sistone is proud to serve the residential and business needs of the Los Angeles area, and we also supply largecommercial projects anywhere in the USA. Please visit our showroom in Van Nuys California.